How To Do The Ground Press For A Greater Bench

How To Do The Ground Press For A Greater Bench

Is your bench press caught in a rut? Use the ground press to get it shifting once more. 

Ground Presses Exercise

The bench press is among the most standard bodybuilding and strength-building workouts round. It is good for creating greater pecs, and it is one of many occasions contested in powerlifting. Virtually everybody who lifts weights does the bench press.

Nevertheless, the bench press can also be a irritating train. Most individuals make good preliminary progress with this raise however then their efficiency stalls. They get caught at a selected weight or are unable to do extra reps.

Perfecting your bench press method, bench urgent extra usually, and doing extra units per exercise can all assist unstick your bench press. Nevertheless, whereas these methods will be efficient, they’ll additionally take their toll in your shoulders. Nearly as good because the bench press is for constructing muscle and power, they’ll additionally trigger shoulder joint accidents, particularly to the delicate rotator cuff.

A rotator cuff is a gaggle of small muscle groups that stabilize your shoulder joint. Made up of the teres minor, subscapularis, supraspinatus, and infraspinatus, a number of bench urgent could cause these muscle groups and their tendons to turn into broken and infected. Rotator cuff issues usually take a very long time to heal, throughout which just about all higher physique workouts are off the desk.

The excellent news is that there’s an train that you are able to do that can enhance your bench press efficiency whereas giving your shoulders a much-needed break. That train is the ground press.

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  • What are ground presses? 
  • The advantages of ground press and muscle groups labored
  • The advantages embrace: 
  • Ground press variations 
  • Conclusion

What are ground presses? 

The ground press is a low-tech model of the bench press the place the exerciser lies on the bottom as a substitute of on a bench. This presents a number of benefits and advantages, which we’ll talk about later.

Ground Press
 To do the ground press: 

  • Arrange a squat rack in order that the J-hooks are set to about knee top. Place a barbell on the hooks.

  • Lie down on the ground in order that your eyes are instantly beneath the bar. Bend your legs and place your toes on the ground or straighten your legs as most popular.

  • Grip the bar with an overhand, barely wider than shoulder-width grip. Pull your shoulders again and down and press your higher again into the ground. This can enhance shoulder stability.

  • Unrack the bar and maintain the burden along with your arms straight. Inhale, bend your arms, and decrease the bar down till the again of your higher arms calmly contact the ground.

  • With out bouncing, forcefully prolong your arms and push the burden again as much as arms’ size. Proceed till you could have accomplished all of the required reps. On completion, rigorously re-rack the bar.

Observe: Ensure you all the time have a spotter available for this train. A failed rep, the place you’re unable to finish the raise or re-rack the burden, may end in severe harm.

The advantages of ground press and muscle groups labored

The ground press predates the bench press by a few years. The bench press solely grew to become standard in the midst of the final century. Earlier than that, in the event you wished to do supine (mendacity in your again) barbell or dumbbell presses, you probably did them on the ground. Nevertheless, the ground press is way more than simply an old school train. It additionally presents a number of advantages, and that features boosting your bench press efficiency.

The ground press works the identical muscle groups because the bench press. These muscle groups are:

  • Pectoralis main– pecs for brief, these are the big muscle groups on the entrance of your chest.

  • Anterior deltoids– the frontmost of the three deltoid or shoulder muscle groups.
  • Triceps brachii– the principle muscle groups on the again of your higher arm, these muscle groups are normally recognized merely because the triceps.

The advantages embrace: 

Much less shoulder joint stress– reducing the barbell to the touch your chest entails a wide range of movement, and that may put quite a lot of stress in your shoulders. This stress is even worse for exercisers with lengthy arms.

In distinction, ground presses contain a a lot shorter vary of movement, and that reduces put on and tear on the shoulder joint. On the draw back, the shortened vary of movement signifies that ground presses as not pretty much as good for constructing chest muscle measurement as common barbell or dumbbell bench presses.

Strengthen your lockout– most bench press reps fail on the lockout. That is the place you absolutely straighten your elbows. Ground presses emphasize the triceps in order that what was as soon as a weak hyperlink turns into a robust one. Ground presses are nice for each triceps power and measurement.

Break unhealthy bench press habits– quite a lot of bench pressers decrease the bar in a short time after which bounce it off their chests. Whereas this behavior could can help you raise extra weight, it takes work away from the goal muscle groups and will result in severe harm. Ground presses cease you dropping the bar too rapidly.

Train selection– pretty much as good because the bench press is, it is not the one barbell chest train you are able to do. Actually, in the event you overuse the bench press, your physique will get used to it, and it’ll stop being such a productive train. Switching from bench presses to ground presses will offer you a break from bench urgent whereas giving your muscle groups a novel coaching stimulus that ought to assist restart your progress.

If you wish to enhance your bench press efficiency and are tempted to bench twice every week, contemplating making the ground press the cornerstone of a kind of exercises. This can assist scale back your threat of creating overuse accidents, equivalent to tendonitis. For instance:

Monday Thursday 
Train Units/repsTrain Units/reps
1Bench press5 units of fiveFloor press4 units of 6
2Inc. dumbbell press3 units of 10Cable flyes3 units of 15
3Dips3 units of AMRAP*Dec. dumbbell press3 units of 10
4Dumbbell flys3 units of 15Push-ups3 units of AMRAP*

*AMRAP – as many reps as doable

Ground press variations 

For many exercisers, the ground press gives a wonderful technique to enhance bench press efficiency whereas taking the stress off the shoulders. Nevertheless, as soon as you have mastered the fundamental model of this train, there are a number of totally different variations you need to use to boost your exercises.

Slender grip ground presses 

Normal ground presses are a really helpful triceps train. Make them much more helpful by adopting a shoulder-width grip and maintaining your elbows near your sides. Count on to have drained, sore triceps after doing this train for the primary time.

Ground press bridge

This ground press variation entails lifting your hips off the ground. This places your physique on the similar angle as a decline bench press. As an additional benefit, ground press bridges additionally work your hamstrings, glutes, and decrease again.

  • Arrange for the ground press as regular and unrack the bar.

  • Push your toes into the ground and raise your hips up. Your knees, hips, and shoulders ought to type a straight line.

  • Maintain your hips up, bend your arms, and decrease the bar down till your elbows calmly contact the bottom. Push the bar again up and repeat.

  • Maintain your hips elevated all through.

You are able to do this train with a barbell or dumbbells.

Dumbbell ground press

Utilizing dumbbells as a substitute of barbells checks and develops your stability and coordination. It takes quite a lot of ability to decrease each weights at precisely the identical velocity in order that your elbows contact the ground on the similar time. You probably have a bent to push extra with one arm than the opposite, this train is the remedy. Begin gentle; it is a tough train.

Alternating arm dumbbell ground press 

As above however utilizing an alternating arm motion. Begin with each arms straight, or each arms bent as most popular.

Single-arm ground presses

Single-arm ground presses enhance core activation, particularly in your obliques or waist muscle groups. Working one aspect at a time forces all the burden onto one aspect of your physique. You will have to make use of your obliques and legs to cease you from rolling towards the load. If you wish to work your higher physique and core on the similar time, single-arm ground presses are an amazing alternative.

As well as, you are able to do this train and not using a squat rack or perhaps a spotter. You need to use your free hand that can assist you get the burden into place and to get you out of bother if you’re unable to finish a rep. Do that train with a single dumbbell or kettlebell as most popular.


If you wish to construct an even bigger bench press, whether or not it is for muscle measurement or power, the ground press may help. It will possibly assist repair the weak hyperlinks which are limiting your bench press efficiency and will even allow you to keep away from harm. Do not write this train off just because it is quaint and low tech; it has been round for lots of of years, and which means it really works!

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