BREAKING: Mat Fraser Suffers Penalty In Day Two Of CrossFit Games

BREAKING: Mat Fraser Suffers Penalty In Day Two Of CrossFit Games

Mat Fraser Handed Penalty During Ruck Run At Today’s Event

Mat Fraser was off to a great start at the 2019 CrossFit Games. However, that has the potential to change after he suffered a penalty in today’s competition.

Mat Fraser looked pretty good on the first day of the 2019 CrossFit Games. The three-time champion put on a strong showing in the event, finishing in first. However, in a surprising turn, it was announced that Fraser has been handed a penalty in his second day.

During the Ruck Run today, tragedy struck Fraser. While competing in the 6,000-meter run, athletes are carrying weighted bags. Additionally, every lap adds weight to the competitor. The bags weigh 20, 30, 40, and 50 pounds. Unfortunately for Fraser, one of his bags fell out during the last leg of the race.

Following this unfortunate incident, officials reviewed the run. Subsequently, they decided that Fraser was to suffer a penalty of 60 seconds. This adjusted his original time of 24:50.09 to 25:50.09. In the end, Mat Fraser would finish the event in 17th place after the penalty.

Despite this, things are not over for the multiple time CrossFit Games champ. Currently, he is still number one overall. However, this setback certainly closed the gap between he and the rest of the competitors. Here are the current overall top 10 standings.

  • Mat Fraser (311 points)
  • Noah Ohlsen (309 points)
  • James Newbury (308 points)
  • Adrian Mundwiler (276 points)
  • Jacob Heppner (272 points)
  • Samuel Kwant (271 points
  • Scott Panchick (267 points)
  • Cole Sager (263 points)
  • Lukas Hogberg (260 points)
  • Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (255 points)


These standings are based on the CrossFit Games 2019-crossfit-games-scoring-guide/]new scoring criteria. While Fraser is still number one, he is only two points behind Noah Ohlsen and three behind James Newbury. So it is pretty clearly anybody’s event.

This disappointing turn of events leaves Mat Fraser in a precarious position. If he wishes to continue on as the 2019 CrossFit Champion, he will need to proceed carefully. He will need strong performances in the rest of the events of the competition.

The 2019 CrossFit Games continues on, through Sunday August 4th. catch all the action here, and stay tuned to BodyBuildingMotivation Volt for further updates as the events unfold.

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