5 Workout routines That Are Higher Than The Chest Press Machine

The chest press machine is a wonderful train for learners. It supplies an efficient however simple strategy to work your higher physique. With no weights to stability and no difficult methods to grasp, the chest press leaves you free to focus in your coaching.

The chest press isn’t just a newbie train both, and superior lifters can use it too. Put it close to the top of your exercise so as to end off your muscular tissues with out worrying about dropping heavyweights throughout your chest – as can occur with barbell bench presses. The chest press machine can also be train for drop units.

Nearly as good because the chest press is, it isn’t the one train you are able to do on your higher physique. You additionally must be sure to do it correctly.

Chest Press Train Muscle tissues Labored

Because the title of this train suggests, the chest press works your chest muscular tissues. Nevertheless, the chest press is a compound train, which suggests it entails a number of muscular tissues and joints working collectively. The principle muscular tissues concerned within the chest press are:

Pectoralis main– generally known as your pecs for brief, these are your essential chest muscular tissues. Their main job is horizontal flexion of your shoulder joint.

Anterior deltoids– these are the muscular tissues on the entrance of your shoulders. They work alongside your pecs to horizontally flex your shoulder joint.

Triceps brachii– the muscle situated on the again up your higher arm. Often recognized simply as your triceps, that is your essential elbow extender.

Machine Chest Press Exercise
Machine Chest Press Train

Learn how to do chest presses

Chest press machines typically differ in design. That mentioned, all of them work pretty equally. Comply with these directions to be sure to get probably the most out of your chest press exercises. That mentioned, all the time just be sure you use the chest press machine health club in accordance with the producer’s directions. If doubtful, ask the workers at your health club to indicate you how you can use it appropriately.

1– Modify the seat in order that the handles are roughly a chest peak.

2– Sit on the machine and maintain the handles with an overhead grip. Your arms needs to be barely wider than shoulder-width aside. Some machines have foot pedals that can assist you elevate the weights, making it simpler to know the handles. Use this operate if it’s accessible.

3– Holding your head up and your decrease again barely arched, press the handles away from you till your arms are straight however not totally locked. Locking your elbows places lots of pressure in your joints.

4– Bend your arms and decrease the weights down so far as your flexibility permits. Don’t over-extend your shoulders as this may result in harm.

5– Maintain your actions clean and sluggish, taking 2-Three seconds to elevate the load and the identical time to decrease it. This may guarantee your muscular tissues do all of the work, and momentum doesn’t take over.

Chest press errors it’s worthwhile to keep away from

The chest press is a reasonably easy train however that doesn’t imply you may’t do it incorrectly. Listed here are a couple of frequent chest press errors it’s worthwhile to keep away from.

Having the seat too excessive or too low – the handles needs to be consistent with your shoulders. If they aren’t, you threat placing lots of stress in your shoulder joints.

Reducing the load too far – you don’t want to the touch the weights down between reps. Doing so might overstretch your shoulders. Simply decrease the weights so far as your flexibility permits.

Locking your elbows between reps – locking your elbows might result in harm. It places lots of further put on and tear in your elbow joints. It additionally supplies you with a break between reps which makes the train much less efficient. Cease every rep simply in need of full elbow extension.

Chest press machine train options

Your muscular tissues will quickly get used to the chest press train. When this occurs, your progress will stall in the event you don’t add some selection to your exercises. Research have proven that exercise selection is important for constructing each energy and muscle dimension

Good options to the chest press machine embrace: 

Smith machine bench press

When you have mastered the chest press machine, the Smith machine bench press is your subsequent logical step. It’s a protected and efficient machine train that additionally mimics barbell bench presses. The load is guided by rods, and the security catches will make sure you don’t drop the load throughout your chest.

Learn how to do it:

1– Place a bench within the machine and below the bar. Set the bar to about waist peak. Be sure the bench is in the midst of the bar.

2– Lie on the bench and attain as much as seize the bar. Use an overhand, barely wider than shoulder-width grip. The bar needs to be straight over the middle of your chest. Maintain your toes flat on the ground, arch your decrease again barely, and brace your abs.

3– Lengthen your arms and elevate the bar freed from the hooks. Twist the bar to disengage the security catches.

4– Bend your arms and decrease the bar to your chest. Don’t bounce the load off your chest.

5– Press the bar again as much as arms’ size and repeat. Twist the bar to re-engage the security catches on the finish of your set.

You may as well do that train utilizing an incline or decline bench. Incline Smith machine bench presses emphasize your higher chest, whereas the decline model works extra of your decrease chest.

Dumbbell bench press

The principle benefit of dumbbells is that they assist you to work every arm independently. This implies your arms can transfer naturally and aren’t locked right into a predetermined motion sample, as they’re with the chest press machine and Smith machine bench press. Additionally, if you’re unable to finish a rep, you may simply decrease the weights out and all the way down to your sides.

Learn how to do it:

1– Seize and maintain a dumbbell in every hand and sit on the top of an train bench. Holding the dumbbells near you, lie again on the bench. Together with your arms bent, place the weights in order that they’re degree together with your shoulders.

2– Holding your toes flat on the ground, abs braced, and decrease again barely arched, press the weights up till your arms are straight however not locked.

3– Decrease the weights again to your shoulders and repeat.

4– Decrease the weights to the ground upon getting accomplished your set.

Like most free weight chest workouts, you may as well do dumbbell bench presses utilizing an incline or a decline bench.

Dumbbell Bench Press
Dumbbell Bench Press

Barbell bench press

Many exercisers contemplate the to be the king of chest workouts. It’s not only a good mass builder, it’s good for growing energy too. The barbell bench press can also be one of many three lifts contested within the sport of powerlifting, with the opposite two being squats and deadlifts.

Learn how to do it:

1– Lie on the bench together with your eyes straight below the bar. Attain up and maintain the bar with an overhand, barely wider than shoulder-width grip. Pull your shoulders down and again, brace your abs, arch your decrease again barely, and push your toes flat into the ground.

2– Unrack the bar, bend your arms and decrease it to the best level in your chest. Don’t decrease the bar to your neck or bounce it off your chest.

3– Push the load again as much as arms’ size, however don’t lock out your elbows. Repeat for the prescribed variety of reps. Fastidiously put the bar again on the J-hooks on the finish of your set, ensuring that each ends of the bar are safe.

Due to the hazard of dropping the bar throughout your chest, be sure to have a spotter available if you’re lifting heavy weights or coaching to failure.

Most gyms have incline and decline bench press stations to focus on completely different components of your pecs. Use them so as to add much more selection to your exercises. You may as well transfer your hand inward to emphasise your triceps or out to work your pecs tougher.


Dips are an efficient chest and triceps train. Nevertheless, in contrast to all of the workouts mentioned to date, you don’t want any weight to get an excellent chest exercise. In reality, all you want is a set of parallel bars.

Learn how to do it:

1– Grip the parallel bars in order that your thumbs are pointing ahead, and your knuckles are going through outward.

2– Step or leap up in order that your arms are straight. Elevate your chest, look straight forward, and bend your legs behind you. Cross your ankles if most popular.

3– Bend your arms and decrease your self down till your elbows are bent to a minimum of 90 levels.

4– Push your self again up and repeat.

Make this train simpler by utilizing an assisted dip/pull-up machine. Alternatively, connect a resistance band the handles and stand or kneel in it. As soon as you are able to do ten or extra dips, make this train tougher by sporting a weighted vest or utilizing a dipping belt.

Jay Cutler Doing Dips
Jay Cutler Doing Dips


No health club? No downside! Push-ups work the identical muscular tissues because the chest press machine, however you don’t want any tools to do them. You are able to do push-ups wherever – at house, in a resort room, and even at college or work.

Learn how to do them:

1– Squat down and place your arms on the ground. Your arms needs to be simply outdoors shoulder-width aside, fingers pointing ahead.

2– Stroll your toes again, so your physique kinds a straight line. Brace your abs and tense your legs and glutes to maintain your physique inflexible.

3– Bend your arms and decrease your chest to inside an inch of the ground. Maintain your neck lengthy, and your chin tucked in. Don’t decrease your head all the way down to the ground.

4– Push your self again up and repeat.

Make push-ups tougher by inserting your toes on a step, bench, or chair. Alternatively, you are able to do push-ups with a resistance band behind your again. If full push-ups are too superior for you proper now, simply bend your legs and decrease your knees to the ground. These are referred to as three-quarter push-ups.

Push Ups
Push Ups

The wrap-up

The chest press is a well-liked train. It’s straightforward to be taught, and also you’ll quickly grasp it. Don’t follow this train for too lengthy, although – your progress will grind to a halt in the event you do. Graduate from the chest press machine to any of those options everytime you really feel prepared. You’ll be able to nonetheless use the chest press infrequently however, if you wish to keep away from a coaching plateau, use these options to maintain your exercises recent and attention-grabbing.

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