Vitamin F – What’s it and why do you want it ?

Vitamin F – What’s it and why do you want it ?

You in all probability have not even heard about vitamin F and that is for a very good motive. The F vitamin doesn’t belong to the classical household of nutritional vitamins, however is a mix of]important fatty acids also referred to as EFAs.

The human physique is incapable of synthesizing solely two fatty acids by itself, which is why they’re categorized as important and needs to be constantly equipped with the meals we eat. These two fatty acids are linoleic acid ( Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid) and alpha-linolenic acid ( Omega-Three polyunsaturated fatty acid).

The well being advantages of consuming EFAs are decrease ldl cholesterol and blood stress, which reduces the danger of strokes and coronary heart assaults. Signs of vitamin F deficiency are hair loss and eczema, and in extreme circumstances – kidney, coronary heart and liver harm, weakening of the immune system, and extreme problem in lacrimal glands perform.

Vitamin F sources



Pure vegetable oils are a very good supply of important fatty acids. Soybean oil, safflower oil, night primrose oil and grape seed oil are excessive in linoleic acid. For instance, 1 cl. of safflower oil incorporates 10.1 grams of linoleic acid. The most effective supply of alpha-linolenic acid is linseed oil, with 1 cl of it containing as a lot as 7.Three grams of it.

Different good sources are walnut oil and rapeseed oil. All of those, nonetheless, needs to be chilly processed so as to not remodel the useful unsaturated fatty acids into dangerous trans fat.

[b]Seeds and nuts

The most effective supply of linoleic acid on this class is roasted sunflower seeds with 9.7 g of indispensable fatty acid in 30 g. Different meals sources are pine nuts, pecans, Brazil nuts.

Some seeds are additionally wealthy in alpha-linolenic acid – of which the richest are linseed, and the kiwi seeds. Nuts are usually not the most effective supply, however walnuts for instance comprise 2.6 grams of it in a portion of 30 grams.

Animal merchandise

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Right here, the undoubted wholesome alternative is the fish – salmon, trout, mackerel, bass, cod, fish-tuna. The American Coronary heart Affiliation recommends consuming fish twice every week to extend the pure consumption of Omega-Three fatty acids.

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