images (225×225)For these of you who don’t have entry to a leg-curl machine, and might want to improvise, I’ve a few ideas that may assist you. First,

in case you have an adjustable sit-up board, you’re in enterprise. A leg-curl train could be performed by mendacity face down on the sit-up board together with your ft strapped securely to the inclined finish of the board. As soon as that is achieved (often with the assistance of a coaching companion), you then start to curve your physique up from the knees by pure hamstring power alone. To start with, you’ll have to provoke every rep by pushing off together with your fingers, so it’s a good suggestion to not regulate the incline of the board very a lot till you get the cling of the train. Close to the completion of the optimistic section of every rep, you’ll assume what seems to be a kneeling, upright place.

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