Exercise Is Proven to Reduce Stress

For years, a good diet and exercise plan has been the hallmark of physical health. There is no better way to improve the growth of strong bones and muscles as well as a better functioning cardiovascular system. Exercising regularly has been shown to add years to one’s life and make those days worth living! Scientists have also been spending a lot of time studying the mental effects of working out too, particularly what it can do in the way of reducing stress levels.

Who Could Have Thought . Exercising is Good for You ?!

There is a reason why physically healthy people tend to be happier than those who do not, and the reasoning is due to the chemical process that occurs in the brain when the action of exercising is carried out. Every time you work out, whether that is jogging or lifting weights, endorphins are released. The primary purpose of these bodily chemicals is to reduce our perception of pain, so they are sort of like the body’s way of giving us an extra push to get healthy! In addition, a positive side of effect of endorphins is a feeling of euphoria, or a sense of joy.

Although only a small amount of endorphins are released at each workout, exercising on a routine basis (3-4 times per week) can improve sleep, promote self-esteem and eliminate stress and feelings of anxiety. Perhaps most importantly, it has also been found to ward off depression, which is why an increasing number of health care providers are starting to recommend physical workouts for patients suffering from various types of mental health conditions.

Clear Your Head with a Good Run: Exercise and Stress Management

  • The neurotransmitters in your brain that are activated by endorphins can be triggered by any form of physical activity: You do not have to run a mile to experience runner’s high, as even a brisk walk or jog will do the trick. There is no need to rush headfirst into a new workout routine. Not only will you get the benefit of your body’s feel good chemicals, you will also get a boost in self-esteem upon seeing the results! The sooner you get started, the better.
  • Movement for meditation: When you exercise, you focus on the task at hand. This is a great way to release tension and give you time to not think about the stressors of the day.

By exercising a few times a week, you can significantly reduce your stress levels. This in turn can reduce your risk of developing life-threatening health conditions such as heart disease.

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