Biggest Chest Train: The Push & Stretch Methodology For Killer Chest Optimistic elements

Designed to work your chest totally and intensely, the Push & Stretch Methodology is a killer chest exercise routine that may show you how to successfully develop a strong chest!

Exercise Description

Are you a lifter who has lifted rep after rep, upped the poundage each likelihood you get, and nonetheless appear to battle to develop that armor-like chest that you simply’ve at all times wished?

Have you ever dedicated each Monday (aka Worldwide Chest Day) to sweating it out for years now and are pissed off along with your outcomes…or lack thereof?

When you’re finished studying this text, be sure you print it or add it to your bookmarks as a result of this would be the program that lastly helps you obtain the features you’ve at all times seemed for, however by no means discovered.

The Stretch and Push Methodology

As nice as bench urgent is for each the physique and the ego, one train can solely accomplish that a lot that will help you totally develop the pecs. Though you possibly can press from an incline or decline place as nicely, even that isn’t sufficient to take your chest to epic dimension and form.

Presses contain each the elbows and shoulders which suggests any model of the bench press additionally incorporates the shoulders and triceps. They’re aiding the pecs within the motion however they will take away among the advantages of the train as nicely. This leads to the chest not being as correctly fatigued and burdened as essential to create progress whenever you recuperate.

Enter the flye.

Flye actions are workout routines that almost all athletes throw in on the finish of the exercise or generally will heat up with. Both approach, they’re not taken very significantly and never given the credit score they deserve with regards to chest coaching.

Each dumbbell and machine variations of the flye can isolate the pecs, in order that they’re being burdened as a lot as safely attainable all through the motion. This implies the delts and triceps keep on the sidelines and won’t play a task within the train. Clearly that is what we need to see – enchancment within the pecs.

Additionally, the underside of the flye actually stretches the pecs out so it impacts the fascia of the muscle, which is the skinny layer of pores and skin that covers the muscular tissues. Stretching the fascia will create extra room for the muscle fiber themselves to stretch so you may get extra blood to the realm which suggests a much bigger pump.

Now that we’ve coated all the advantages of flyes, the place will we put them within the exercise?

With the Stretch and Push Methodology, we alternate flyes and presses so you should have them in in the beginning, center, and close to the tip of the exercise.

We’ll begin the exercise off with a flye motion to pre-exhaust the pecs, set up a mind-muscle connection so we will know precisely what to really feel with every rep, and stretch the pecs out to make room for the blood we’ll ship it with the presses which observe subsequent.

After the primary urgent train, we’ll return to a flye motion, adopted by a second press from a unique angle. We’ll do a 3rd and ultimate flye motion to organize the pecs for the ultimate onslaught coming from a press motion which can full the exercise.

A Phrase About Type

Many individuals really feel that when you find yourself performing any model of the flye that your elbows must be locked out.

Retaining your arms straight locations pressure on the elbows, which may take away from the advantages that the train presents for the pecs. Hold a slight bend within the elbow all through the motion. You don’t need to take it to 90 levels, however a 30 to 45 diploma bend will suffice.

Additionally, be sure you get a deep stretch on the backside of the train. The entire level of doing flyes is to stretch the pecs out as greatest as you possibly can and rising the flexibleness in that space.

For those who cease wanting that stretch, you’re not going to get that stretch and might be doing one thing that mimics a press. For those who really feel that going deep will result in damage, then decrease the load you’re utilizing and carry out the reps slowly.

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Incline Dumbbell Flye

Don’t deal with the incline dumbbell flye as a heat up!

Though it’s best to do a heat up set or two, it’s best to nonetheless give this train critical effort.

You may not be as robust as you usually are whenever you begin urgent however this isn’t about how a lot weight you possibly can transfer, it’s about growing your chest to the fullest potential attainable. Depart your ego on the gymnasium door.

After you do one or two heat up units, carry out three units of 8-10 reps and relaxation for 90 seconds between units.

Incline Barbell Bench Press

For those who’re ready to take action, take an adjustable bench with the bottom or second lowest incline and place it inside a rack.

There are various inclines which have the bench at a excessive angle that permits the shoulders to get entangled within the motion. Doing incline barbell bench presses in a rack with a low incline will show you how to goal the higher pecs whereas protecting the entrance delts minimally concerned.

Be sure that whenever you decrease the bar that you simply pause the load in your chest earlier than you press.

Banging it off your chest not solely takes away from the effectiveness of the motion however it can also result in damage in the event you’re not cautious. Pausing the load may have an effect on how a lot you are able to do or the variety of reps however as we coated earlier, that is about coaching the muscle and never about what you’re lifting.

Don’t lock your elbows out on the high – cease simply wanting lockout and squeeze the pecs. This delicate change will affect the whole set.

Go for 3 work units of 8-10 reps with 90 seconds relaxation between every set.

Flat Cable Flye or Pec-Dec

Some gyms have each the flat cable flye machine and the Pec-Dec machine, however some don’t so go together with no matter you’ve or when you have each, change backwards and forwards between them every exercise.

You’ve used two free weight actions and so they had been each from an incline place so now we’re switching to a machine which is safer because of the mounted sample the handles journey and we’ve transitioned to a flat place to give attention to the middle of the pec space.

Concentrate on the stretch of the flye motion right here as a result of we’re attempting to create that room for extra blood to journey to the realm and are additionally getting accustomed to a flat bench which suggests you’ll really feel the stretch in a different way than on incline.  Three units of 10-12 reps with 90 seconds relaxation is the plan for this motion.

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

It’s time to flat dumbbell bench press the difficulty. At this level you need to be feeling a fairly good pump in your pecs. Take a second earlier than you start this train to not solely stretch the pecs however flex them as nicely. At this level within the exercise, you’ll probably begin to fatigue and the delts will need to help. Stretching and flexing will show you how to regain the mind-muscle connection that you must proceed isolating the pecs.

Bear in mind to not instantly go straight to the tip of the rack. Use a weight that may show you how to really feel the pecs working successfully. Additionally don’t lock out the elbows on the high. We need to maintain fixed stress on the chest all through the whole set in order quickly as you are feeling the triceps working to lock the load out, cease and decrease the dumbbells again down for the following rep. You’ll do three working units of 10-12 reps.

Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover doesn’t have the phrase “flye” in it, however the motion counts as a flye kind train. Now we’re going to focus on the decrease pecs to insure that you simply attacked the chest from all angles. If you carry out this motion be sure you step away from the cable station so you are feeling an additional stretch when your arms are to your sides.

As you deliver the load in, you’ll be tempted to bend the elbows in that will help you. Don’t do it. Hold the slight bend as you’ll with another flye however the one motion that must be carried out right here is the arms coming in entrance of your torso. Join the handles and squeeze the pecs as onerous as you possibly can earlier than slowly bringing the handles again up.

Take as a lot as three seconds to carry out the detrimental portion of the carry. For this train we’ll do three units of 12 reps with 60 seconds relaxation. We lower the remaining so as to add depth to the exercise as we come down the house stretch.

Chest Dip

Now we end the push and stretch exercise off in critical vogue. The grand finale might be body weight dips with the higher physique leaning ahead for chest emphasis. Don’t hassle including weight or chains onto your self. You’re objective right here is to do as many reps as attainable (AMRAP) earlier than reaching failure. The aim is to pump as a lot blood into the realm as attainable earlier than ending the exercise off. Two units to failure with 60 seconds relaxation between units might be all you want.

The Stretch And Push Exercise

TrainUnitsRepsRelaxation (secs.)
Incline Dumbbell Flye38-1090
Incline Barbell Bench Press38-1090
Flat Cable Flye310-1290
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press310-1290
Cable Crossover31260
Chest Dip2AMRAP60
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