Bicep Curl vs. Hammer Curl – Is One Greatest For Huge Arms?

Bicep Curl vs. Hammer Curl – Is One Best For Massive Arms?

Bicep Curl vs. Hammer Curl – Is One Greatest For Huge Arms?

Here is a full comparability of those two monster actions, however is one superior?

Bicep Curl vs. Hammer Curl

The bicep curl and hammer curl are staples in most arm coaching routines.

Every one is carried out within the hopes of attaining a barely completely different consequence however each truly do work all the similar muscle groups; nonetheless, to a unique extent.

However if you need big arms, then specializing in each is very really helpful. They’re mass and power -building actions which when performed correctly, will yield darn good outcomes (

Who does not like outcomes


So, this is some nice info we predict you should use to your profit. We’ll clarify the muscle groups labored, advantages, train directions, suggestions, variations, and a exercise routine you are able to do for large weapons.

Muscle mass Labored

Make no mistake, the bicep and hammer curl work the identical muscle groups since each are essential for elbow flexion. Nevertheless, there are some variations it is best to find out about.

Bicep Curl

The bicep curl targets extra of the biceps brachii (Biceps) which consists of an extended (Inside) and brief (Outer) head.

However the forearms, brachialis (Situated on knuckle facet of the forearm), and brachioradialis (Situated beneath and on the outer a part of brief bicep head) muscle groups are undoubtedly engaged throughout any variation of a supinated (Underhand) curl.

Hammer Curl

hammer curl is used for the aim of concentrating on the brachialis however the brachioradialis can also be labored considerably. One examine confirmed that the bicep muscle has a biomechanical drawback when the wrist is in a pronated (Overhand) place. 

So, in a impartial or hammer wrist place, the brachioradialis contributes extra to elbow flexion than the bicep.


Any curl variation will construct muscle and power (

That is only a facet impact of weight coaching

). The bicep curl will maximize bicep dimension whereas the hammer curl will make your brachialis and brachioradialis muscle groups bigger and stronger as properly.
Lee Priest Arm

These muscle groups are additionally closely concerned in pulling actions (Rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, and so forth.) and that is why it is essential to coach them immediately to allow them to help successfully.

A curl variation can even strengthen and stabilize the wrists. However you need this course of to happen progressively; which is why


overload is vital.

That is the place you slowly enhance the poundages used throughout coaching so your muscle groups can proceed to develop from the progressive stress positioned on the goal muscle/s.

Train Directions

It is all the time essential to heat up earlier than making an attempt your working units. So, do two units pyramiding up in weight ranging from 30% of your one-rep max, and doing one other set at 50% of your 1RM.

Then you’ll be able to proceed to pyramid up into heavier weight. You shouldn’t really feel any kind of ache throughout both of those workouts. So in the event you do, cease and loosen up the burden or strive warming up somewhat extra.

Bicep Curl

  • Stand together with your ft hip-width aside and grip the barbell barely wider than shoulder-width.
  • Pin your arms to your sides and curl the burden up till you’re feeling a full contraction in your biceps.
  • Slowly decrease the burden again down however don’t lock out your elbows on the backside.
  • Repeat for the specified set/rep scheme.

Hammer Curl

  • Maintain a dumbbell in every hand with a impartial or hammer grip whereas standing with ft hip-width aside.
  • Hold your arms in opposition to your sides and curl one dumbbell whereas preserving your wrist impartial and straight.
  • Then decrease the dumbbell and curl the opposite one.
  • Repeat your set by alternating arms for the specified variety of reps.


  • By no means elevate your higher arms up or ahead throughout a curl since you’ll interact the entrance deltoids.
  • All the time use a weight you’ll be able to deal with with out having to cheat the repetitions. That is additionally essential to not place extreme pressure in your wrists.
  • You need to use somewhat momentum to overload the goal muscle group.
  • Hold your knees bent to guard your decrease again.
  • Keep away from over-training your biceps and related muscle groups since they’re comparatively small in comparison with bigger muscle groups teams and do not want as a lot quantity.


There are numerous bicep and hammer curl variations that it will possibly get fairly overwhelming. However it’s greatest to maintain issues easy and go along with the confirmed and efficient actions.

However an essential factor to recollect is that an train has to really feel good for you. In the event you can not obtain most thoughts/muscle connection then you definately would possibly need to both take into consideration reducing the resistance or attempting different workouts.

We’ll base the variations from the barbell curl because the default bicep train and the dumbbell for hammer curl variations. And you do not want far more than the next workouts as they cowl all bases.

Bicep variations

Preacher curl

preacher is carried out on a slanted bench whereas seated or standing. It is a nice train for actually isolating the biceps and is a good addition to a bicep routine.

It is essential to not prolong your arms all the way in which down and lockout your elbows as a result of you’ll be able to undergo a bicep tear this fashion. And by no means use actually heavyweights both.

EZ bar curl

The ez-bar-curl-biceps/]EZ curl bar is nice for lessening wrist pressure. It is a superb coaching instrument for getting the utmost profit out of your curls.

Dumbbell curl

dumbbell-curl-biceps/]Dumbbells are a should in your exercise routine as a result of they work stabilizer muscle groups and you’ll practice one bicep at a time. So, when you have a lagging muscle, then dumbbells can convey it as much as par.
Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Keep away from swinging an excessive amount of when doing a dumbbell curl. You need to use somewhat momentum however that is so far as it is best to go.

Forearm muscle and brachioradialis variations

Cable rope hammer curl

Cables are an ideal strategy to practice the brachialis and brachioradialis muscle groups.

You will maintain the rope with a impartial or hammer grip and easily carry out curls as common to work the forearms and biceps. However once more, don’t lock out your elbows when your arms are prolonged through the damaging portion of the train.

Dumbbell cross-body thumbless-grip hammer curl

The cross-body hammer curl is a motion you do not need to pass over of your exercises if you need jacked arms.
Dumbbell Cross Physique Hammer Curl

You will merely grip the dumbbell together with your thumb on the identical facet as your fingers and curl the dumbbell throughout your physique whereas preserving your wrist rotated away out of your physique. And you may see simply how efficient this train is for working the brachialis andbrachioradialis/] brachioradialis!

Machine curls

Utilizing machines is a totally acceptable strategy to practice your arm muscle groups. You possibly can actually place an overload on the goal muscle; which in flip helps muscle 30061/what-is-hypertrophy/]hypertrophy and power.

Oh. and do not lockout! (We really feel the necessity to remind you to your security).

Instance Bicep and Hammer Curl Exercise

Now, this routine is greatest for a once-per-week arm exercise. However, in the event you practice these muscle groups twice per week, then you’ll be able to subtract one set per train. Until you are extra superior and you understand how a lot quantity you’ll be able to tolerate.

however then, what would you want us for?.

simply kidding, simply kidding.

Do not forget to heat up earlier than doing all your working units as a result of they are not included on this exercise


Barbell or EZ bar curl

three units x 12-15 reps

  • 30/45-second relaxation in between units

EZ bar preacher curl

three units x 12-15 reps

  • 30/45-second relaxation in between units

Dumbbell cross-body thumbless-grip hammer curl

three units x 15 reps

  • 30/45-second relaxation in between units

Wrapping Up

Coaching biceps is a fairly easy course of which doesn’t have to be sophisticated. Heck. they do not even want a lot coaching in the event you’re coaching your again successfully since biceps are closely concerned.

However they do want direct work to maximise their growth and we hope you discovered this info very useful for getting the very best outcomes attainable.

Selection is a good factor however utilizing correct type and using workouts which work greatest for you is vital!

However is there actually one greatest train between the 2 for constructing the arms of your desires?.

Nope (Needs to be fairly apparent by now), they’re each very essential for constructing head-turning arms!

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