Antoine Vaillant Shares Post Bicep Surgery Photos (Graphic)

Antoine Vaillant Shares Post Bicep Surgery Photos (Graphic)

IFBB Pro Antoine Vaillant posted post bicep surgery pictures and they were not pretty!

Antoine Vaillant

IFBB Open competitor Antoine Vaillant tore his antoine-vaillant-tears-bicep/]bicep back in May of this year after moving a heavy item at the gym and he even posted his antoine-vaillant-bicep-tear/]recovery journey on YouTube. It was a tough year for Vaillant because he missed out on competing to qualify for the Olympia due to his injury but he’s recovering quite nicely.

Check out the photos he posted on]Instagram showing what his bicep recovery looked like but just be warned because they’re not for the squeamish.

WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURES ⚠️ Just some pictures, some before some after the surgery.

Bicep tendon ripped off the forearm bone, got it re-attached by having the surgeon drill a hole in that bone, pull tendon back down through hole, put button/anchor on the other side of it and attach everything with special souture.

Looking back at those pics makes me appreciate where I’m at right now, even if I’m not 100% yet. This set back gives me the opportunity to make another great come back! LET’S GO! @redcon1 btw this happened in may

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