6 Methods To Enhance Your Bench Press

6 Methods To Enhance Your Bench Press 

Caught in a bench press rut? This is learn how to get it transferring once more!

Enhance Your Bench Press

The bench press is a extremely popular train. Nearly everybody who lifts weights bench presses. Bodybuilders use it to construct greater chests, it is the second raise in powerlifting competitions, and common guys do it to construct better-looking higher our bodies. It is also a part of the NFL mix – the choice course of for skilled soccer gamers.

The bench press includes all of your main upper-body pushing muscle tissue, particularly these muscle tissue:

  • Pectoralis main – pecs for brief, that is the primary chest muscle

  • Anterior deltoids – the muscle on the entrance of your shoulders

  • Triceps brachii – the muscle tissue on the again of your arm, answerable for extending your elbow

If you wish to bench press extra weight, you could take note of your method and spend time engaged on any weak muscle tissue that could possibly be holding you again. Listed here are three fast fixes and three long-term methods for enhancing your bench press.

Three suggestions for rising your bench press right now

The easiest way to extend your bench press is to get stronger, however that may be an extended course of. There isn’t a shortcut to power, however listed below are three issues you are able to do right now to spice up your bench press.

1- Use your legs 

The bench press is an higher physique train that primarily includes your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Nonetheless, that does not imply it is best to neglect about your legs if you do that train. In reality, utilizing your legs may add kilos to your bench press immediately.

A number of exercisers raise their legs once they bench press. Research present that this will increase pec muscle activation which is sweet for constructing muscle. It is because it destabilizes your physique so you will should work more durable to manage the bar.

However, lifting your legs additionally reduces the quantity of weight you may raise. Due to this, if you wish to bench extra weight, you could hold your toes on the ground and use your legs extra actively. That is known as a leg drive.Leg drive stabilizes your physique on the bench. With much less wobbling, you will not should waste important power attempting to maintain the bar secure. As an alternative, you can put all of your effort into urgent the bar up. It will mean you can raise greater weights.

Leg drive includes pushing your toes exhausting into the ground all through every rep. This does not imply your hips ought to come off the bench. In powerlifting, this may rely as a failed raise. As an alternative, push your toes down and hold your butt on the bench to create essentially the most secure lifting platform you may. In the event you transfer your toes throughout your reps, you aren’t sustaining correct leg drive. Preserve your toes pushed into the ground at some point of your set.

2- Squeeze your shoulders again and raise your chest 

The place the leg drive helps to stabilize your decrease physique, squeezing your shoulders again does the identical factor in your higher physique. It additionally places your shoulders in a safer place and can cut back your threat of a shoulder damage.

To get your shoulders in the suitable place:

  • Lie again on the bench in order that your eyes are straight below the bar
  • Grip the bar after which, earlier than you unrack it, pull your shoulders again and push them into the bench
  • Arch your decrease again barely to raise your chest up towards the bar
  • Unrack the bar and attempt to hold this stress in your higher physique
  • Proceed your set as regular whereas attempting to maintain your shoulders pinched collectively

Lifting your chest up additionally reduces the space the bar has to journey. It will mean you can raise extra weight.

3- Grip the bar as tight as you may

A number of exercisers use a thumbless or false grip once they bench press. This grip may be very comfy however may additionally cut back the quantity of weight you may bench press. As an alternative, if you bench press, wrap all of your fingers and thumb across the bar and grip it as tightly as you may. Think about you are attempting to go away your fingerprints within the metallic; that is how exhausting it is best to squeeze.

It will create stress all by your wrists and forearms in addition to down your arms into your shoulders. All that stress will assist stabilize your elbows and shoulders, plugging any power leaks that will in any other case cut back your power.

Three long-term methods for rising your bench press 

Constructing an even bigger bench press will not occur in a single day. If you’re severe about lifting extra weight or doing extra reps, you could prepare in your aim. Listed here are three coaching strategies that may enhance your bench press efficiency.

1- Bench press extra typically 

Most gym-goers bench press as soon as every week, normally as a part of their chest exercise. Whereas that may assist you make progress, if you wish to enhance extra shortly, it is best to bench press twice every week.
Paused Bench Presses

Benching twice every week offers you extra time to work in your method and strengthen your pectoralis main, anterior deltoids, and triceps brachii. This does not imply it is best to repeat your ordinary bench press exercise twice every week. Research have proven that train selection is essential for constructing power and muscle measurement. As an alternative, it is best to do two totally different bench press exercises every week, separated by a number of days.

For instance: 


  • Bench press – 5 units of 5 reps (heavyweight)
  • Slender grip bench press – Three units of eight reps (average weight)
  • Push-ups – Three units of 20 (light-weight)


  • Extensive grip bench press – eight units of eight reps (average weight)
  • Dumbbell bench press – Three units of 12 reps (average/light-weight)
  • Chest press machine – Three units of 20 reps (light-weight)

2- Do paused bench presses  

A number of bench pressers decrease the load very quick after which bounce it off their chests. This enables them to raise heavy weights, however tissue and joint elasticity and momentum find yourself doing extra work than the muscle tissue.

Benching extra slowly and intentionally will hold the stress on the muscle tissue longer, producing a greater coaching impact. In different phrases, you will not have the ability to cheat!

The most effective methods to eradicate all prospects of dishonest, making every rep as productive as potential, is to do paused bench presses. Paused bench presses are a giant a part of powerlifting coaching and powerlifters are arguably the most effective bench pressers on the planet.

This is learn how to do paused bench presses: 

  • Unrack the bar as regular
  • Decrease the bar below management to your chest
  • Let the bar frivolously contact your chest however don’t loosen up
  • Keep muscular stress and maintain the bar there for 2 seconds
  • After your pause, push the bar up as regular after which repeat

Do not be shocked if you cannot raise as a lot weight or do as many reps as ordinary. That is regular. Nonetheless, after a couple of weeks, your bench press will begin to enhance, and your paused bench press weights will exceed your earlier private data.

3- Strengthen your higher again 

If you wish to bench press extra weight, you could strengthen your higher again. The bench press is undeniably a chest, shoulder, and triceps train, however it’s primarily the muscle tissue of your higher again that stabilize your shoulders.
Cable Face Pulls

The extra rock-steady your shoulders are, the extra weight you can raise, and the much less doubtless you’re to endure accidents. As well as, a powerful higher again means you can pull your shoulders again more durable and longer, additional rising that all-important stability.

One of the best higher again workout routines for an even bigger bench press are rows as a result of they work the other muscle tissue to the bench press. Two nice workout routines are:

Face pulls: 

  • Set an adjustable cable pulley machine to chest peak
  • Connect a rope deal with
  • Seize the ends of the deal with together with your thumbs nearest the rubber stoppers
  • Step again and straighten your arms. That is your beginning place
  • Bend your arms and pull your thumbs again to your ears. Pull your shoulders again and attempt to hold your elbows up
  • Lengthen your arms and repeat

Band Pull Aparts: 

  • Maintain a resistance band with an overhand, less-than shoulder-width grip
  • Elevate your arms in entrance of you to shoulder-height
  • Open your arms and stretch the band out throughout your chest
  • Return to the beginning place and repeat


If you need an even bigger bench press, you will must work for it. Spend time fixing your bench press method and strengthening the muscle tissue in your higher physique – your chest and your again. Work exhausting and, in a couple of months, you will have a way more spectacular bench press.

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